What You Need to Know About the Spotify Car Thing

Whether you are looking to add music to your car or just want to upgrade the speakers, there are a few things you will need to know before making your purchase. In this article, we’ll …

Whether you are looking to add music to your car or just want to upgrade the speakers, there are a few things you will need to know before making your purchase. In this article, we’ll cover some of the important details, including how much it costs, whether it supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, and how you can control the music and podcasts you’ll be listening to using voice commands.

Streaming music and podcasts from the user’s phone through the car audio system

Streaming music and podcasts from your smartphone through your car audio system has been around for years. Fortunately, a number of reputable manufacturers have produced quality products, ranging from the aforementioned blu-ray worthy XD to more bespoke offerings, with the best of the bunch coming from the triumpherous car dealer. Its been an interesting ride for all involved. Having been through the ringer, it is time for a resurgence. The good news is that it is on the upshelf – not the smackdown a la carte, which can only be good news if you like to ope and ope your ears off. The downsides include a pricey premium for what is more a puddle slayer than a cushy one. It is also the only place to park, not that one o’clock cocktail hour.

Controlling music and podcasts via voice controls

During an interview with CNBC in February 2019, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek revealed that the company was working on a voice-controlled device for cars. He said the company was focused on making Spotify the world’s number one audio platform. He also hinted at a hardware device that would replicate the feature found in Apple’s CarPlay.

The company is testing a new interface called “Car Mode”, which was first spotted by 9to5Google. The interface allows users to ask for various things, such as playing a song or skipping a track. It has four microphones, which will listen to the user’s requests even while the device is playing music.

The device also features a touchscreen. It can connect to the vehicle’s stereo wirelessly via Bluetooth. In addition, it can be mounted on the dashboard, CD player slot, or vents. The device will allow users to play favorite music and podcasts while driving.

The Car Thing comes with several preset buttons, including the ones for playing a song, podcast, or podcast episode. It will also allow users to turn on and off music, dismiss calls, and switch between media. The device also features a dial and a 4-inch touchscreen, so you can easily see what’s playing.

The device can also play music and podcasts hands-free. It uses a wake-word, “Hey, Spotify”, which interacts with the Spotify app directly. The device will also allow you to perform a voice search, and save songs to your library. It can also understand requests for specific artists and playlists. You can disable the voice controls in the settings, so you don’t accidentally activate them.

The device will work with an Android or iOS smartphone. You will need a Spotify Premium subscription to use it. You can use the device’s built-in voice control, or use Google Assistant or Siri to play music or podcasts.

The device will cost $90. The software update released in February added several new features. The update gives the device full access to the smartphone’s connected features. It also adds a Night Mode, which will allow the device to operate at night.

Support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

Earlier this year, Spotify started to test out a new car interface for its Android users. However, the company has not said anything about the new interface for iOS users. The “Car Mode” interface, as it’s called, is expected to be rolled out to the masses in the near future.

For now, the new device is only available to those on the Premium subscription tier. For this price, users will receive a Car Thing, which streams Spotify content to their cars. The device’s touchscreen and voice controls are designed to offer a simpler and more convenient way to listen to music while driving. It also has four factory preset buttons that can be used to control the device.

Aside from the Car Thing, Spotify has also launched an updated version of its app, which features a new user interface and improved functionality. This new interface is intended to replace the old “Car View” layout. It’s the same interface that you’ll find in the iPhone, but the device’s screen touch, knobs, and voice control functions will be more familiar to Android users.

The device also supports Apple’s iMessage and Google Maps. Currently, Android Auto supports the two apps, but it’s rumored that it will soon support other messaging and music apps.

The Spotify Car Thing was one of the first in-car audio devices to be released. It’s small enough to stick in your car’s CD slot or vents, and it acts as a remote for the Spotify app. The device’s touchscreen, voice controls, and knobs are aimed at providing a simpler, more convenient way to enjoy music while driving. It’s available in April for a limited release, and if the buzz around it is any indication, will be more popular than Android Auto.

Unlike the Spotify Car Thing, the iPhone’s new Car Mode isn’t as innovative. The new interface, which is based on a design known as Material Design, will feature a sleek modern look that’s easy to use.

The new car interface also has the biggest aforementioned “fool’s errand” button, which is designed to let you check if you’re on a phone or a car.


Streaming giant Spotify announced in April its first piece of hardware: the Car Thing. The device would allow users to connect their smartphone to their car, stream music, and access their Spotify accounts. It is available for subscribers to the service’s premium tier.

The device is designed to be used with a phone data plan and works only with a Spotify premium tier. It is not compatible with the iPhone’s CarPlay feature. But, it should work with modern cars that already have Bluetooth.

Spotify had previously released a waitlist for its Car Thing, with two million people signed up. It plans to keep supporting the device, and executives hope to use feedback from users to develop new features. It’s a long way from the original prototype, but it’s an important step in Spotify’s entry into the hardware space.

The company announced that the device would be sold for $90. It’s not yet clear if this price is going to change. The company is likely to sell the Car Thing for less outside the US. It also wants to liquidate its remaining inventory. It could pursue deals and bundles. But, it doesn’t want to sell the Car Thing at a loss.

Streaming giant Spotify has been working on a standalone in-car music player for a while. It is also reportedly working on an in-car controller, a feature that would allow drivers to control their Spotify account from their car. The company hasn’t said whether or not the Car Thing will become the in-car player.

The streaming giant will report its first quarter results next May, and Wall Street is expecting a loss of 25 cents per share. It is expected to be profitable in the rest of the year. The company added 19 million users in the three months ending June 30. It has 188 million paid subscribers. It competes with Apple Music, SiriusXM Pandora, and Amazon Music.

The streaming service has had a rough start to 2022. The company has only added about half its projected number of users, but it is expected to report a profit for the remainder of the year.

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