The Best Features of a Spotify Premium Year Subscription

Having a Spotify premium year subscription means that you get access to a host of features that aren’t available in the free version of the app. From group sessions to shuffle options, there are plenty …

Having a Spotify premium year subscription means that you get access to a host of features that aren’t available in the free version of the app. From group sessions to shuffle options, there are plenty of features you can enjoy when you pay for the app.


Among the features that Spotify Premium offers is the ability to download songs for offline listening. This is helpful when you are on a long flight and don’t want to worry about your phone dying. Another great feature is the ability to play a playlist back to back.

This service also gives users access to podcasts and audiobooks. Its home page is an interesting mix of top hits from your country as well as recommended podcasts and mood playlists. You can also hide songs from auto-generated and personalized playlists.

The Spotify home page also includes a free feature that allows users to discover new music. This includes 15 curated playlists, including a daily mix and algorithmically tailored playlists. These playlists also include a release radar and popular editorial playlists.

For those who don’t want to pay for Spotify, the free version allows users to download and stream more than 50 million songs. However, the free version does not give users the ability to listen to podcasts.

The Premium version gives users complete control over their music library, including the ability to download and stream music offline. The quality of the streaming is also better with the Premium version.

Spotify also boasts of being one of the most user-friendly services on the market. It provides users with the ability to skip tracks in a playlist and view Made For You playlists. The site also has a cool feature that enables users to see what their friends are listening to.

You can also get a discount on Spotify premium if you sign up for a family plan. The subscription cost for a family plan is $7.50.


Whether you are an avid music lover or someone who enjoys listening to music on the go, Spotify can be a great option for you. This popular music service provides users with ad-free streaming of music on a variety of devices. It is available on smartphones, PCs, smart TVs, and games consoles. It boasts more than 50 million songs in its library.

Spotify offers four different premium plans: Individual, Student, Duo, and Family. Each of these subscriptions have their own benefits and features. The individual plan costs $ 9.99 per month, and offers unlimited skips, weekly playlists, and music downloads. It also has a 3-month trial period.

For students, Spotify offers the Premium subscription for $4.99 a month. This plan includes the same features as the Individual and Student plans, as well as an ad-supported Hulu plan.

For families, the Spotify Family plan allows up to six people to share the same account. It’s great for dormitory roommates who want to share their accounts, as well as for large families who have multiple music fans. It is also a good choice for parents who want to set up a family account for their children.

The individual plan is also a great option, as it comes with weekly playlists of new tracks, as well as music downloads. It is also ad-free, which can help save on data usage. You can also download podcasts to listen to on your device.

The Spotify Student plan is available for all accredited Title IV institutions in the U.S., and it’s renewable. It offers the same features as the Individual and Student plans, but it uses a third party API to provide students with access to Showtime.

Group Sessions

Earlier this year, Spotify introduced Group Sessions, a feature that lets users listen to music with their friends. It’s a new feature that lets groups of five Premium users play music in real-time.

Previously, Spotify only offered limited ways to share music. Users could send each other a link, or contribute to a party playlist by scanning a code. However, with the Group Session feature, Spotify is now tying the feature into its Premium subscription. This is intended to encourage free users to upgrade to Premium.

To create a group session, go to the Spotify app on your phone. Then, tap the Connect menu at the bottom left corner of the play screen. You’ll see the option to “Start a group session.” Once you select it, you’ll receive a shareable link. This can be shared with your friends or family, and they’ll be able to join the session.

Once you’ve created a group session, you can add tracks to the main queue, which will run on the device you initiated the session. You can also control the playlist, pause songs, and skip tracks. You can only do this when you’re in the same room as the people in the Group Session.

Unlike Collaborative Playlists, Group Session is more of a temporary listening session. It’s meant to be used in parties or other group activities. The feature works best with family members or housemates who are close to each other.

The Group Session feature will evolve over time. In the meantime, it’s possible to host listening parties for Spotify Premium subscribers. The company is currently testing this feature, and plans to expand it to more people in the same room.

Shuffle ability on pre-made playlists

Whether you are a free or premium Spotify user, you may have noticed that the shuffle ability on pre-made playlists is limited. This is because the company believes that the shuffle feature is only a part of on-demand music listening. It is a tool that is used by artists to emphasize songs over other tracks. It also serves as a way to associate song lyrics with Spotify songs.

As part of their effort to make Spotify easier to use, the company is launching individual play and shuffle buttons for paying subscribers. These buttons are expected to improve the listening experience and are scheduled to roll out to all users in the coming weeks.

Unlike Amazon Prime Music, which uses auto-shuffle, Spotify Premium allows you to listen to albums in any order. The company says that the new shuffle ability on pre-made playlists will help you explore new music and broaden your listening experiences.

The service’s algorithms analyze your music preferences and those of your friends. These data are used to create personalized playlists. The algorithm also recommends great music. For example, it recently suggested CHUNG HA with R3HAB as a playlist for me.

Another option is to download songs for offline listening. Spotify will remove downloaded content if you do not log in for 30 days. However, the free version will only allow you to play six skips per hour.

In the meantime, you can continue to get personalized playlists. You can also share them on social media. Alternatively, you can request specific songs through Alexa.

In the future, Spotify plans to allow users to listen to local audio files. This will mean that you won’t have to upload them to the cloud through the desktop app.

Connect to your home stereo system

Unless you’re one of those lucky folks who lives in a cave, you’ll probably need to find out how to best connect to your home stereo system. Thankfully, there are a few solutions to your problem. And, to be honest, it’s not just you and your spouse that will be impacted. This includes kids, grandparents, and the pets. A little research and you can find a slick solution that is sure to delight your family members for years to come.

Using a music service to play your tunes isn’t all that bad, either. Thankfully, Spotify has a wide variety of speakers and services to choose from. You can start with a Sonos one or two for your music needs or scale up to a whole house solution with a Sonos hub or Sonos connected speaker. You’ll probably be surprised to learn that they offer a variety of models to suit your lifestyle. In addition to being a great choice for a home theater, the Sonos One is a good option for those who prefer the wired up experience. Having a home theatre isn’t the only reason to add a Sonos hub to your home, and it’s definitely worth the effort. For example, the Sonos one can be a great addition to a family room or bedroom. Plus, with a Sonos hub, you can listen to all of your favourite songs at the same time, and you won’t have to worry about a bunch of wires getting in the way.

Of course, you need to find the right Sonos hub for your home. You can’t go wrong by choosing a Sonos hub that’s in your budget’s price range.

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