New Features on the Bonvoy App

The Bonvoy App allows users to track points and promotions, view their stay history, and manage their profile. The app also offers global customer support, and platinum members can receive in-app confirmations of late checkout …

New Features on the Bonvoy App

The Bonvoy App allows users to track points and promotions, view their stay history, and manage their profile. The app also offers global customer support, and platinum members can receive in-app confirmations of late checkout requests. Users can chat with the hotel through the app, receive recommendations and ask questions about the services offered. The app also allows members to manage their reservations and contact the hotel directly. Depending on the hotel’s policy, this chat feature is available to both Bonvoy members and non-members.

Mobile Requests

Marriott Rewards has launched Mobile Requests on its app, giving members of the loyalty program instant access to the hotel’s staff. With a drop-down menu of commonly requested services, the new feature allows members to chat directly with hotel staff. It’s available at more than 4,000 hotels worldwide, and represents one of the largest global communications rollouts in the hospitality industry. Once rolled out to Marriott Hotels, the feature will be offered at other Marriott International brands as well.

During testing, Marriott guests made more than 10,000 Mobile Requests. Eighty percent of these guests chose the “Anything Else” two-way chat option. This feature allows guests to get what they need while they’re away. By enabling Mobile Requests, travelers can also request for forgotten items or services. The feature is available two days before arrival, and throughout a stay. Marriott has partnered with social media giant Twitter to create a mobile-friendly experience for Bonvoy members.

Marriott’s mobile-first approach includes a revamped Android app that provides enhanced functionality. Guests can now search for available free stays, as well as book by hotel brand, price, and points. The mobile app also includes a member’s profile page, which highlights personalized promotions, on-property benefits, and full account activity. Mobile Requests on the Bonvoy App are compatible with both Android and Apple devices.

Contactless check-in

Marriott has recently updated its Bonvoy mobile app with enhanced customization, tailored ways to earn points, and more. With this upgrade, Marriott has made it easier for guests to check in, make requests, and access mobile keys. Users will also find it easier to choose contactless check-in, view their account activity, and request services. The app also includes fingerprint unlock, allowing guests to use their phones to check in.

This innovative technology makes it easy to check in and out of hotel rooms without having to enter their credit card information. Users can also quickly see information about the hotel’s amenities, including nearby attractions. Once logged in, the app can send them a confirmation email containing their room number and personal identification code. They can then place their smartphone in front of the wireless key reader and unlock the door. If they are HHonors members, they can also use this technology to order upgrades and certain amenities prior to their stay.

Mobile check-in is becoming increasingly popular. Hoteliers and guests alike have become accustomed to using self-service technology. This technology will continue to be popular for some time. It caters to customers with modern lifestyles and improves the reputation of hotels. In addition, it is hygienic and efficient. A hotel that implements this innovative technology will have a higher guest satisfaction rate. But it does come with a few disadvantages. It can be difficult for employees to understand how to use it, and it may even end up costing you a few rooms. In addition, you may need to change your front desk policies. Without training your staff, you may lose valuable rooms. Also, make sure mobile check-in is assigned to rooms before physical check-in to avoid a mix-up.

Mobile Key

The latest version of the Mobile Key for Bonvoy App gives you a better sense of security. This mobile feature can notify you when your guest room is ready and also secure access to the room number details. If you have a family or are traveling with a group, you can request additional mobile functions such as cribs and shoeshine for your stay. You can even chat directly with hotel staff with a simple swipe. In addition to these benefits, the Mobile Key is also available at over 4,500 hotels and resorts worldwide.

The Mobile Key for Bonvoy App gives members easy access to their room and parking garage. It also has an option to request amenities like the fitness center and the pool. Another great feature is the Mobile Chat, which allows you to talk to hotel staff during your stay and before you arrive. It allows you to request amenities such as bottled water or towels and more. You can even reserve a table for dinner in advance. With this app, you’ll never be stuck in a hotel without assistance again.

The new version of the Bonvoy app features seven languages including English. In addition to English, it supports French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. Eventually, there will be four more languages available. In the meantime, you can download the Marriott Bonvoy app for free from the Google Play Store or App Store. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll need your Bonvoy account credentials to register for the new version of the app.

Mobile Chat

Mobile Chat on Bonvoy App enables users to request amenities such as additional bedding or basic toiletries directly from their room. Users can do this up to two days prior to their stay and throughout their stay. Besides this, users can also request housekeeping services and make special requests on-the-go with the app. Mobile chat is available in seven languages, including English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. Additional languages will be available later this year, including Arabic, Portuguese, and Italian. The app works with Android-powered devices.

The new Bonvoy App includes features that are easier to use than previous versions. Marriott has made it easy to find information about nearby restaurants and attractions. There are also new booking options and a personalized travel shopping experience. It’s a perfect companion for travelers to maximize their Marriott Bonvoy points. Users can also customize their experience by choosing the best dining and shopping options at a hotel near their destination. Those who want a hassle-free travel experience can download the app.

In addition to this, the Bonvoy App can also be used to communicate with members of Marriott’s loyalty program. This service allows members with upcoming reservations to communicate with a hotel in real time in two different ways. The feature provides a drop-down list of the most frequently requested services and amenities. The new feature is part of the biggest global communications rollout in the hotel industry. And it’s free. So what are you waiting for? Download the Bonvoy App and start communicating with your hotel on the go!

Mobile Keyless Entry

One of Marriott’s latest innovations is mobile keyless entry, which allows guests to use their phones as a room keys. The technology, developed by Assa Abloy Global Solutions, allows hotel guests to use their mobile phones to unlock their rooms. It can be used to check in without a front-desk presence, order room service, or book a future stay. In addition, guests can communicate with the hotel in real-time.

One major benefit of mobile keyless entry is that it saves time for guests. They can check in digitally, bypassing the often long front desk lines. Wait times of more than five minutes can detract from the overall guest experience. Additionally, it gives guests more freedom, which is a driving force behind positive guest experiences. This new technology can help hoteliers maximize their guest satisfaction by boosting direct bookings and increasing guest loyalty.
For Marriott Bonvoy members, the new Bonvoy app makes it possible to use your phone as a key to enter the hotel. You can check in quickly and easily with your smartphone’s Bluetooth capability and the hotel will instantly send you your room key. The Bonvoy mobile app also allows guests to request items and receive information about Marriott Bonvoy promotions and credit cards. You can download the Bonvoy app from the app’s website and begin using it right away!

Booking direct

Marriott has updated the Bonvoy app for Android and iOS devices with new shopping options and features. Members can now use the app to book and redeem suite night awards, and even find out about on-property benefits like fitness centers and pools. The app has also received a makeover and includes a dynamic map for better navigation. Users can now easily search and book hotels directly through the app, and use the mobile chat feature to communicate with hotel staff.

Marriott has also implemented a celebrity-driven campaign, featuring actress Anna Kendrick to promote direct bookings on its app. The campaign features free Wi-Fi and price-match guarantees. Additionally, Hilton uses content optimized for multiple mediums, including social media and websites. This strategy helps Marriott reduce its dependency on OTAs while maximizing direct bookings. The app also allows guests to view personalized deals and offers, such as a special rate when booking through an OTA.

The Marriott Bonvoy app is available for Android, Apple Watch, iPhone, and iPad devices. The app will be available for Android platforms later in 2021. It is an essential part of Marriott Bonvoy, as it gives members access to all the features of the loyalty program. Users can easily find their favorite hotel through the Bonvoy app and take advantage of its loyalty benefits. And with a new feature that allows them to chat with hotel staff, guests can also book destination activities, and more!

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