How to Transfer Music Between Apple Music and Spotify

Luckily, you can transfer your music between Apple Music and Spotify. The only thing you have to do is sign in to your Apple account and then choose the service that you want to transfer …

Luckily, you can transfer your music between Apple Music and Spotify. The only thing you have to do is sign in to your Apple account and then choose the service that you want to transfer to. You can even send playlists back to Apple Music from Spotify.

Free Your Music

Whether you want to switch from Spotify to Apple Music or just import playlists from one service to another, there are a few ways to get the job done. But you should know that not all of them are free. Some companies will transfer a certain number of songs for free, but that’s usually a limited number.

One of the easiest ways to move your playlists is to use a free app from the iTunes store. It works with iPhones and Macs. You can transfer a single playlist or a full library.

You can also sign up for an individual subscription plan for Apple Music. You can do so through the Apple Music website, through iTunes, or through your Apple ID. You can then choose how much you’re willing to pay for the service. You’ll have to sign up for an account, but once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to access all of your playlists.

Another way to move your playlists to Apple Music is with a third-party music transfer service. These services will log into your Spotify account and your Apple Music account and transfer music from one service to the other. Some services even let you transfer music from other streaming services like Pandora and Deezer.

Some of these services require you to pay for a premium version, but the basic free tier is usually more than enough. For example, Tune My Music has a free tier, but it only allows you to sync about 1,000 tracks. That’s a good start, but if you’re looking for more songs or want to sync collaborative playlists, you’ll have to shell out a few dollars.


Using third-party apps is a great way to transfer your playlists from Spotify to Apple Music. It’s a quick and easy process. These services work with many other streaming services, including Amazon Music and Deezer. These services are available for iOS, Windows, and Android.

One of the most popular solutions is SongShift. This application is available for download in the App Store. After signing in, users can select a playlist and begin the conversion process. Then, SongShift will connect your Apple Music and Spotify accounts. If you have the Pro version, you’ll have the ability to migrate an unlimited number of songs.

Soundiiz is another web-based solution. It can transfer songs between almost 40 different streaming platforms. It reads the metadata from the playlists and matches it to a database. The free version of the app allows you to import one album at a time. If you need to transfer multiple playlists, you’ll have to pay for the premium plan.

Alternatively, you can use a desktop application. The desktop application is available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. It runs in the background and automatically syncs your playlist changes across the different platforms. You can transfer up to 100 songs with the free version.

If you don’t want to pay for the service, you can also try transferring your playlists manually. You can manually search for your songs, or you can try a service like Tune My Music. It supports many different streaming services, including Pandora and Deezer. It will tell you if any of your songs are missing.

The free version of iTunes will allow you to transfer up to 100 songs. However, if you want to transfer more than 100 songs, you’ll need to upgrade to the Pro version.


Whether you are looking to switch your music service, or you just want to get a taste of what else is out there, you will find a number of ways to transfer songs from Apple Music to Spotify. There is also a cottage industry that exists to make transferring your collection easier. Some companies offer a free trial, while others offer a set amount of free tracks.

One of the easiest methods is using a playlist transfer app. These services will scan the metadata from each track, and match it to the music database of your new service. The app can then remove missing entries from your playlists.

Some of these services are available for all music services, while others are only for specific ones, such as Spotify. In any case, it is best to do your research to figure out which method will work for you.

To transfer songs from Apple Music to Spotify, you will first need to log in to your Apple Music account. You can do this by visiting your account overview webpage. You can then use the shortcut on the share sheet to add your preferred playlist. After you have added your preferred playlist, you can proceed with the process of transferring songs. If you want to skip creating a playlist, you can just select a track from your current Spotify playlist. You can also rename the playlist if you wish.

Another option is to transfer music from Spotify to other services, such as Deezer. While this method is not as easy as using a playlist transfer app, it is possible, and it does not require a subscription.

If you would like to transfer a large number of tracks, there is a premium subscription available that includes unlimited syncing. The app will display a progress bar that shows the amount of tracks you are transferring.

Send playlists back from Apple Music to Spotify

Changing your music provider can be a hassle. Fortunately, it is not impossible to move playlists between services. You just have to know where to look.

There are a number of music transfer apps and services available. Some of them are designed to move small playlists from one service to another. Others are able to transfer large playlists across multiple services at once.

SongShift is one of these apps. It allows you to connect two popular music streaming services. It is free and works on iOS and Android devices. In addition to transferring playlists, it will also copy songs automatically. It’s a great tool to use if you want to transfer music from Spotify to Apple Music.

Soundiiz is another popular service for moving playlists. It is similar to SongShift in that it copies music from one service to another. However, it requires you to log in to each service and then allow the app to access their databases.

The FreeYourMusic service is another useful tool for moving music from one service to another. The app searches through your music library and finds songs that match a certain criteria. It then adds those tracks to a new playlist on the new service. The process is automatic and saves you up to 10 hours. You will be notified when the job is done.

Whether you’re using an iOS, Android or Windows phone, you can move your music playlists from Apple Music to Spotify for free. You just need to make sure that you have both services installed on your device. Once you have your playlists transferred, you can view them in the “Your Library” section of the app.

Lossless streaming service

Streaming services are designed to give users on-demand access to their favorite music. Each service offers a different set of features and prices. Those who want to enjoy lossless music should consider Apple Music or Tidal.

Spotify is a popular streaming service that offers lossless music, podcasts and other content. The company has a huge library of over 80 million songs, videos and other media. The company also focuses on the discovery of new music. As a result, there are thousands of new songs added to its catalog every day.

It also has a free tier of service, which allows users to listen to a certain number of songs per month. Its Premium plan starts at $10 a month and includes ads. However, the company has not revealed the price of its HiFi (lossless) tier.

The company has been experimenting with a new format, known as HiFi. This format promises to stream content in CD quality. The format does not compress the music, which means that the sound will be clearer. This new format is expected to be available to a limited number of markets when it launches.

Tidal offers a base plan that includes ad-free, high-quality, lossless streaming at up to 1411 kbps. The $20 HiFi Plus plan adds support for higher bitrates, Dolby Atmos, and Sony 360 Reality tracks.

Apple Music is a lossless streaming service, which is becoming increasingly popular. In addition to offering more than 90 million tracks, it also offers Dolby Atmos and high-resolution streaming. To get started, sign up through iTunes or the Apple Music app.

Some of the biggest lossless streaming services include Qobuz, Amazon Music Unlimited and Tidal. In order to enjoy true lossless streaming, you will need a high-speed Internet connection and good speakers.

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