How to Stop Dog Whining in Crate

  Dogs who are confined to their crates may experience whining. However, this behavior is common with puppies, and they will usually settle down in less than 30 minutes. One of the reasons for this …

How to Stop Dog Whining in Crate


Dogs who are confined to their crates may experience whining. However, this behavior is common with puppies, and they will usually settle down in less than 30 minutes. One of the reasons for this behavior is that puppies do not like to soil the crate, and so will protest when they need to relieve themselves.


One of the best ways to stop your dog from whining in his crate is to exercise him. Whether it’s walking or running, exercise will keep him healthy and happy. While your dog is in the crate, try to avoid touching him while he’s inside. Also, try to avoid giving him any treats while he’s whining.

The reason why your dog is whining in its crate may be based on fear. Whether you’ve recently moved your dog’s crate or there’s construction outside, your dog is likely to associate the crate with fear. This may make it difficult for your dog to settle down and sleep. To avoid this situation, try reassuring your dog or offering them positive experiences.

Besides providing positive reinforcement, you can also try putting a treat inside the crate. Try giving your dog a tasty treat and letting it out when it behaves. Repeat this several times a day. Once your dog gets used to it, you can increase the amount of time he can stay inside the crate.

If your dog is whining in the crate due to boredom, it’s likely that he needs more exercise. If the whining becomes excessive, it’s important to get the dog to the veterinarian for further evaluation. Exercise can also reduce your dog’s stress levels.

While exercise is essential for your dog, it’s also important for you to give your dog mental stimulation as well. Many working breeds require daily exercise and training, which can cause them to whine. You can provide this stimulation with puzzle toys, nosework challenges, and even agility training. These activities can keep your dog mentally stimulated while it’s in the crate.


If you’ve ever had a dog that constantly whines in its crate, you know that this behavior is annoying and frustrating. While it’s cute during brief bouts of whining, it quickly becomes a habit. To effectively stop your dog’s whining, you must understand why it’s happening.

The first step in curbing your dog’s whining is to take her outside. When you take her outside, be sure to use a purposeful trip. If you’re not sure that she has to go to the bathroom, don’t give in. Giving in will only teach your dog to whine louder and more frequently. If your dog’s whining has become unbearable, you may need to retrain her.

Another way to stop your dog’s whining in the crate is to move the crate to another room. This can be a gradual process – start by placing the crate near your bedroom, and gradually move it to a more distracting area. You can also use puzzle toys inside the crate, and Karen Overall’s Relaxation protocol to help train your dog to stay in his crate.

You should also try keeping the door shut when your dog is eating. After feeding your dog, you can open the door but leave it closed for a longer time. Eventually, your dog should stop whining in the crate and you should release him from the crate.


If you’re looking for ways to stop your dog from whining in its crate, you’ve come to the right place. This article will give you some practical tips that you can apply to your dog’s behavior. Many dogs associate the crate with fear and will whine to get out. However, you can turn this behavior around using positive reinforcement and treats.

The first thing you can do is give your dog treats for whining. These will help to calm the dog down and stop it from crying and whining in its crate. You can also offer your dog water and food. Whenever you put your dog in his crate, he will be more likely to relieve himself. You can also give him a treat if he does not go potty in his crate.

Another way to stop your dog from whining in his crate is to feed him inside the crate after he finishes eating. Make sure your dog can stand comfortably inside the crate and leave the door open when he finishes eating. During this time, do not let him out until he stops whining.

Besides using treats for your dog’s whining, you can also try giving your dog chew toys, bedding, or toys inside his crate. This will help your dog get used to the new environment. Moreover, it will allow him to bond with you and other family members.

Getting out of crate

If you are frustrated by your dog’s whining, there is a way to stop his whining. The first step is to reward him for being quiet. You can do this by placing a treat or other reward in the crate. Several times a day, you should repeat this process. Make sure that you do not force him into the crate.

If your dog is whining to be let out, he may have been left in his crate for too long. If this is the case, don’t let him out until he stops whining. Otherwise, he will learn that whining gets him out of the crate. Always remember to praise and reward your dog when he gets out of his crate.

You should always keep food and water nearby while you are training your puppy to stay out of the crate. This will help him get used to the crate. Try to leave the crate for no more than 30 minutes a day. You can gradually increase the time.

During the day, give your puppy plenty of attention when he is out of the crate. This way, he’ll not feel like he’s being punished for whining. You can also provide him with toys to keep him busy.

You can also try to get your puppy out of his crate by letting him out for five or ten minutes every day. As he becomes more used to this routine, you can start leaving the crate for long periods of time. Eventually, you can let your dog out during the night as well.

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