How to Import Google Calendar to Outlook

When you’re trying to figure out how to import Google Calendar to Outlook, there are a few different ways to do it. First of all, you can export the calendar from Google by selecting File …

When you’re trying to figure out how to import Google Calendar to Outlook, there are a few different ways to do it. First of all, you can export the calendar from Google by selecting File -> Export -> Calendar. You’ll then be prompted to save the calendar to a file with your email address in the name.

Syncing Google Calendar with Outlook

If you’re on Windows, you can use Google Calendar to sync with Microsoft Outlook. To do this, simply follow these steps. Once you’ve created an account on Google, go to the “Settings” tab and select “Export and Import”. Choose the Google calendar from the list, and click “Open”. Microsoft Outlook will prompt you to grant permission to access your calendar.

In Outlook, open the Calendar menu. Click the Calendar icon. Select the “Add calendar” link on the left-hand side. In the “URL of calendar” blank, paste the URL of your Google calendar. Once you’ve done this, click the blue “Import” button and your Google calendar will be imported into Outlook.

Once the import is completed, open your Google calendar in Outlook. To do this, you must first log into your Google account. Then, choose the “Account Settings” button, and then “Sync with Outlook”. Once you’ve done this, your Google calendar will be imported into Outlook. It’s important to keep in mind that your Google calendar won’t update automatically as changes happen in Outlook. You will have to repeat this process each time you want to sync your calendars.

Syncing Google Calendar with Outlook is simple and free. You can add events, attendees, reminders, and other information from Google Calendar to Outlook. Unlike other software, this software doesn’t require installation or work behind web proxies. Since it’s free, you may use it as a personal calendar.


If you are looking for a simple and quick way to import your Google Calendar to your Outlook calendar, gSyncit can help you do so. It is an Outlook add-in that supports several popular services, including Google Calendar, Google Contacts, Evernote, and Todoist. Users can also sync calendars from services such as iCloud and Aol.

gSyncit is available in free and paid versions and allows syncing of up to two calendars. The free version supports one-way sync only, while the paid version allows for two-way syncing. Once you download the tool, it will display a pop-up window when you open Outlook, asking you to verify your Google account before it can sync your calendars.

The gSyncit utility is designed for Windows users, and it allows you to view your Google Calendar in Outlook without adding or modifying appointments. You can also subscribe to Google’s calendar in Outlook or export it to another calendar for easier use. To import a calendar into Outlook, first download the gSyncit app from Google Play.

Then, click on the Outlook calendar you want to sync. The calendar you choose may be called personal foldercalendar, account_name calendar, or something else. When you sync your calendars with Outlook, the program will update your Outlook calendar automatically. Once you’re done, you can sync all your appointments to your Google calendar.


There are several ways to import Google Calendar to Outlook. One option is to install the Microsoft Outlook app from the Google Play store. However, this app will not allow you to import or export calendars to or from other Microsoft accounts. The app requires that you have Outlook installed on your computer and a Google account. Sync2 can import and export calendars from Google.

Once you download Sync2 for your PC, you should follow the instructions to install the plug-in. In the installation wizard, you will be prompted to select your Outlook and Google accounts. Then, you will need to log in to your Google account and confirm that you want to connect your calendars.

If you don’t want to purchase Sync2, you can also use a free calendar syncing service. However, Sync2 is not free and you will need to purchase the paid version in order to get automatic syncing. In addition, you cannot sync multiple calendars at the same time.

Once you have installed Sync2 for Outlook, you can add your Google calendar in your Outlook calendar. You can also sync other calendars such as Gmail. After you have configured Sync2 to sync your calendars, you can connect other calendars, mail accounts, and tasks to Outlook. This is the best option for users who want to import their Google calendar into their Outlook calendar.

Sync Profiles

Syncing your Google Calendar with your Outlook profiles is possible with a few easy steps. You can add other people to your calendars, as well as share events with your colleagues. In addition, you can customize your calendar by turning on notifications. These notifications will alert you of important events. You can also share your Google Calendar with your friends.

You can also rename a calendar to save it in both Outlook and Google. If you want to disconnect, you can hover over the calendar and click the “X” icon. You can also synchronize your Outlook calendar with Google calendar by using your iPhone. However, if you want to use multiple email accounts for your calendar, you will need to set up multiple accounts.

To add a Google calendar to your Outlook, navigate to “Calendars” in Outlook. Under “Calendars” in the left panel, click “Add Google Calendar.” You’ll need to provide your Google calendar’s URL. Once you’ve selected a calendar, select it in the dropdown menu under “Outlook Calendar.” Your new calendar will be automatically synced with your Outlook calendar. You can also add more than one Google calendar to your Outlook profiles, which will also sync. If you use more than one calendar, you should use a paid G-Suite service to sync them with each other.

There are also a couple of free options available. Google’s free synchronization option doesn’t require admin rights. However, it requires users to give up some privacy and does not check for duplicate appointments. It also requires an ICS feed, which may be 3 to 24 hours out of date.

Kutools for Outlook

Importing a Google calendar into Outlook is a simple process if you use Kutools for Outlook. It comes with a powerful suite of tools that will simplify the way you manage your emails and calendar. Some of these tools include CC and BCC automation, one-click forwarding, data scrubbing, and more.

To get started, you can sign into your Gmail account and navigate to the Calendar section. Click the three dots on the top right-hand corner of the calendar. Choose the “Settings and sharing” option. Then, click “Integrate calendar” and select “Secret address in iCal format”. In Microsoft Outlook, open Account Settings and go to the Internet Calendars tab. Click the Add button to add the address.

The next step involves installing the Kutools for Outlook application on your computer. The software will automatically import your Google calendar into Outlook. You can also use the app to download and manage calendars from Google. It will help you manage your calendar and keep your emails organized. Moreover, it will automatically categorize the emails and guide you to the right folder.

This application also improves Outlook’s discovery process. Its feature called Lookeen will make it easier for you to locate new files. This app will also convert new emails to tasks.

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