Archero Best Weapon Guide – Best Melee Class Weapons in World of Warcraft

There are several different options in Archero. In this article, we will look at the Death Scythe, Gale Force, Tornado, and Brave Bow. These weapons all have their own special abilities and are best used …

Archero Best Weapon Guide - Best Melee Class Weapons in World of Warcraft

There are several different options in Archero. In this article, we will look at the Death Scythe, Gale Force, Tornado, and Brave Bow. These weapons all have their own special abilities and are best used when playing as a melee character. We will also discuss which weapons will make your character more powerful. Ultimately, the best weapon for Archero will be the one that suits you the most.

Death Scythe

The Death Scythe is an excellent choice for the Archero class. It has high damage but requires extra projectiles to make it effective. This type of weapon shines in chapters that lack melee enemies. Here are some tips for using it. You’ll want to upgrade your armor to be as strong as possible. The following items can help you out with this. Also, be sure to upgrade your weapon’s stats.

The Death Scythe has a number of useful skills. Multishot doubles the damage of every hit, while Attack Speed Boost makes your weapon more mobile. With its epic ability, you can knock back enemies and even kill them with one shot. You can also combine your weapon with your talents to make it even more powerful. While the Death Scythe does have a lot of potentials, it’s not the best choice for everyone.

The Death Scythe is a two-handed weapon that deals 145% damage to enemies. Its huge hitbox and high knockback distance make it one of the most versatile weapons in the game. While it can’t compete with the Bow for damage, it can still cause damage to enemies. And if you’re looking for an archero weapon that is suited to high-level players, the Death Scythe is the way to go.

Compared to the Death Scythe, the Saw Blade is the fastest weapon in the game. It does similar damage per second to both the Death Scythe and Tornado. Although it’s fast, it’s lackluster compared to the other two. Also, it lacks some of the other Epic abilities like Tornado and Epic Ability, making it a low-tier weapon. Lastly, the Saw Blade has a poor Epic Ability. It increases your attack speed for three seconds when you enter a room. This is useful for the first kill in a room, but less useful when you are running through waves in Chapters.

Gale Force

If you’re looking for the best weapon in Archero, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the Gale Force, a crossbow-inspired weapon that debuted with the 2.30 update. Gale Force offers a new special ability and an added meter, but it’s not as powerful as it may seem at first. Once the speed increased, the weapon became the best weapon in Archero.

This weapon’s main disadvantage is its slow attack speed. However, every hit generates a 20% damage buff. This buff resets after two seconds. Another advantage to this weapon is its high damage output. The Epic Gale Force has multiple damage effects, including a penetrating arrow that can double your damage ratio. It also has a good chance of quitting. This is why many players find this weapon to be the best weapon for Archero.

The Gale Force is great for maze mob levels, but it’s also great for bosses. The stalker staff is an excellent choice for boss damage, while the bright spear also does a lot of damage. Although the Gale Force is a powerful weapon, it’s not always the best choice for solo games. There are many other weapons and power-ups to choose from, so it’s important to spend time learning which weapon suits your style and needs the best.

The Gale Force is the most popular weapon in the game. It’s the best weapon for Archero, but it also has the lowest stats. Its damage output is average and its special abilities are minimal. It is the best weapon for Archero because it’s the only one in the game that doesn’t require you to spend a lot of time leveling it up. The only way to do that is to purchase more powerful weapons and armor.


The Tornado is Archero’s best all-around weapon, but it does have a lot of drawbacks, particularly in the early game. While it’s faster to use, it also deals more damage, and its come-back feature makes it better for lining up small targets. Its piercing effect is also a plus. Although it can be difficult to use in PVP, it can be useful against large groups of enemies.

When choosing the best weapon, you should look for one that you enjoy using the most. Among the main weapons, the Tornado is one of the best because it comes back to you after you fire it. It is particularly useful when fighting single, large enemies in later chapters. Its passives, including piercing and slashing, also give you plenty of options when selecting your weapon.

The Scythe and Tornado are Archero’s best weapons in the early game. Both weapons deal decent damage and have a high knockback. The Scythe has a passive skill called Headshot, which gives it great knockback and keeps you safe from melee enemies. The Tornado, on the other hand, has built-in skills that allow it to pierce targets and return damage to the player.

There are four types of weapons in Archero. The Tornado is the best weapon in the game, while the Death Scythe and Brave Bow are the two common weapons. You can upgrade the weapons by using gold and scrolls to increase their rarity. The rarest ones are purple with a gold border. You can also fuse two or more weapons to increase their rarity. If you have the funds, consider purchasing the most expensive of the four weapons in the game.

Brave Bow

The Brave Bow is the first weapon an Archero will be given. Its attributes are balanced, and it is easy to use early on. It has a fast attack speed and an Epic perk of +50% damage on critical strikes. However, it is not an ideal weapon for early gameplay. The Brave Bow’s attack speed is not high enough to be an effective early-game weapon. The Bow can synergize with the Saw Blade.

While the Brave Bow is an archer’s signature weapon, it is also his worst weapon. Its damage output is average and there are no special abilities. The Brave Bow can be used by both melee and ranged archers, so the damage output is below-average. It also has an average movement speed, which does little to change the weapon’s mechanics. It is an excellent choice for Archero players, but a little knowledge will help you make a wise decision.

While the Gale Force is the best weapon, the Brave Bow is the second-best weapon. The Gale Force has a fast projectile that won’t miss much. However, it has a slow attack speed. In December last year, the Brightspear was introduced to the game. It is similar to the Stalker Staff but has a near-instant projectile. So, it’s not a bad choice in some circumstances.

Archero has added a new weapon called the Gale Force in the game recently. This crossbow-inspired weapon is one of the latest additions to the game. It’s a few months old, but many players consider it to be the best weapon. It’s a fairly powerful weapon, and it can hit multiple enemies at the same time. Just make sure to use it wisely.

The Brightpearl is an epic melee weapon and the newest addition to the game. It deals high raw damage, despite its slow attack speed. Brightspear projectiles are extremely precise and homing, giving it an edge over the other weapons. This weapon also has a homing ability that will allow you to triple your damage output. However, this weapon can be damaged by using suboptimal or even optimal upgrades.

Although the Gale Force is the best weapon in Archer, the Brightspear is still the most powerful. Its fast projectile will not miss often, and it is also useful for crowd control. It’s similar to the Stalker Staff, but it follows enemies, dealing good damage when hit. Regardless of the weapon that Archero uses, there are many other options available in World of Warcraft.

While Archero may look easy, the game has a lot of role-playing elements and several different weapons. In fact, it’s not that easy to find the right weapons and build up your arsenal. Getting used to the many different weapon types can take some time. Brightspear is Archero’s best weapon, and the Brightspear is also one of the best melee weapons.

While the Brave Bow is a decent weapon with average stats, it’s not the best option for beginners. The Brave Bow is a great option for early gameplay and mid-game but starts to fall off in later stages. Brightpearl is the most powerful and rewarding weapon for Archero. Its high damage and good knockback make it a great choice for archers.

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